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New Maxxums with Multicontroller ActiveDrive 8 Transmission

Agnorth: October, 2019

The highly anticipated new Case IH Maxxum models have finally been released in Australia!!

2019 case ih maxxum 135 cvt 9 web

The Case IH Maxxum 135 CVT was launched to a group of dealers on the Gold Coast recently.


The existing line up of Maxxum models 110 | 125 | 140 are now being complimented with new models 115 | 135 | 150 (6 cylinder) being added to the series.


New Transmission Options

The new Maxxum Series offers upgraded Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and for the first time includes the exciting ActiveDrive 8 Transmission, the new three-range, eight-speed powershift transmission from Case IH featuring double clutch technology which took out multiple awards overseas in the past couple of years, including the 2018 Machine of the Year and 2019 Tractor of the Year.

Providing a total of 24 speeds in both forward and reverse as well as the double-clutch technology which results in less torque interruption with pedal clutching not necessary for range changes, means the new ActiveDrive 8 transmission allows operators to cover a wider range of tasks on farm from loading applications to heavier draft work including sugar cane hauling. This transmission is ideal for power hungry tasks where momentum is important.

One of the biggest advantages of the new transmission option, is the increased efficiency and with it fuel savings.  In taking out the 2018 Tractor of the Year, its fuel efficiency ranked as best in class and in fact achieving the best rating ever by a 4 cylinder model.


The new ActiveDrive 8 transmission models are also fitted with the proven Case IH Multicontroller armrest and joystick, putting multiple operating functions at the fingertips of the operators.

2019 case ih maxxum 135 cvt 7 multicontroller web


Headland Management

HMC II technology is now offered as standard on the Maxxum Multicontroller and CVT models which automates headlands turns at the press of a button which reduces driver fatigue and improves productivity.  AFS AccuGuide and AFS AccuTurn are also available to assist further.

Brake to Clutch Function (Activeclutch II)

The new Maxxum models have been fitted with the new ActiveClutch II technology which allows the brake pedals to be used to control the clutch.  When enabled, this features allows the partial engagement of the clutch by light pressure on both brake pedals simultaneously which will slow the tractor. This allows inching of the tractor just with the brake pedal. By pressing the brake pedals down completely, the clutch becomes fully engaged, allowing the tractor to quickly and easily come to a stop.

Adaptive Steering 

The Multicontroller and CVT models also feature adaptive steering which allows for faster turns with less steering movements. For example, headlands could be done with just one or two complete turns of the steering wheel.  When you let go of your steering wheel, it then goes back to your centre position.  Together with their tight turning radius and the brake to clutch function that allows for inching with the brake pedal, the new series of tractors are suited to a wide variety of activities from field work to tight manoeuvring loader jobs.

Longer Wheelbase

The wheelbase of the new Maxxum models is now longer to give extra stability and a smoother ride without compromising on the turning radius.  New model’s wheelbase has been extended by 255mm in the four cylinder model but still allows the tractor to maintain a turning radius of 5.4m.

Smart Functions

Smart Range Shift: enables change in range at any time from any gear for optimal performance. This means you can easily shift up to the next range to get up to speed quickly and smoothly.

Memory Shuttle: great feature for loader work. When activated, it remembers the last gear selected in forward and reverse and automatically shifts to that gear when making the next direction change.

Smooth Shift: modulates the engines rpm when shifting. This makes shifting gears smoother in any conditions, especially when under load.

New Look

The stunning new design of the Maxxum is now aligned with that of the Optum CVT featuring an updated roof line, new range of LED working lights as well as in the front grill.

Other Features

  • Front linkage and PTO options for specialty applications
  • Optional electronic or mechanical rear hydraulic remote valves and a rear linkage with lifting capacity of 7.8 tonnes
  • Deluxe seat options now available along with enhanced cab features and a single piece front screen
  • ISOBUS III compatibility

In summary, the Maxxum line-up now consists of the following:

  • The Maxxum 16 x 16 Semi Powershift Transmission – the classic choice for farmers, established workhorse with new roof styling and an entry level price position.
  • The Maxxum CVT – continues to be the ultimate in comfort with now new styling, inclusion of 6-cylinder engine, new wheelbase and enhanced features.
  • The NEW Maxxum Multicontroller with ActiveDrive 8 Transmission – the new premium performance tractor with new transmission, new styling, new wheelbase and enhanced features.


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Whether planting, baling hay or doing chores around the farm, Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 is built for long, demanding days in the field.