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Quality diesel generators producing AC power within a fully enclosed soundproof canopy.  Designed for a wide range of applications covering from 30 to 420kVA,  ideal for demanding power supply wherever energy has to be delivered rapidly, reliably and quietly.


genset interior



The sound absorbing fireproof panels ensure low noise emissions in order to reduce environmental impact  (70dbA @ 7m).  Anchored to the base frame by special elastic expansion bolts minimises vibration which in turn reduces the transfer of energy to building structures and leads to longer life for the generator components.
The soundproof separating panels not only function as noise traps but also as thermal dividers, channelling cool air and avoiding its mixture with hot air.  The cooling system is strengthened with particular procedures which permit the genset to function correctly.

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Doors in the canopy are completely dust and water proof and are wide opening to provide easy access to the components inside.  Low maintenance times and running costs are ensured by classbeating oil change intervals of up to 600 hours.
The fuel tank is built into the sub-base and is equipped with 2 level indicators: the first being a visual type directly on the tank while the second is electrical and displayed on the  external control panel.  Refuelling is possible through an external fuel cap with a key or from an external fuel tank through by-pass fuel lines.
Thanks to dedicated slots in the lower part of the base frame and lifting hooks on the top, it is possible to easily transport the genset by either forklift or crane.